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Alpha test on iMX6Q

Discussion created by Eric Chu Employee on Sep 12, 2012
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There are some test cases used to show alpha effect in previous unit_tests, but it is not found in latest Linux BSP release. So I prepare a simple test code to perform colorkey, global alpha, local alpha or alpha in pixel option for video combining, it could be useful when customer wants to see the effect.

I have checked test code on MX6Q ARM2 board and Linux release package is L3.0.15_12.05.01_ER_source.tar.gz.

Test based on the following assumptions:

1. Video combining is performed by the DP, BG video --> /dev/fb0, FG UI --> /dev/fb1

2. Panel resolution is 1024x768


Here are test steps:

1. Play a video or a picture on /dev/fb0.

2. Use fb_setup to setup fb1.


It will fill pixel value in frame buffer and alpha value in alpha buffer as below.

Frame buffer in RGBA mode:

for (i = 0; i < fb_var.yres; i++)


     for (j = 0; j < fb_var.xres; j++)


          if (i < fb_var.yres / 4)

               pbuf[i * screen_width + j] = 0xFF000080;       //Red pixel with alpha value 0x80 in first region

          else if (i < fb_var.yres / 2)

               pbuf[i * screen_width + j] = 0x00FF00FF;       //Green pixel opaque in second region

          else if (i < fb_var.yres * 3 / 4)

               pbuf[i * screen_width + j] = 0x0000FF00;       //Blue pixel transparent in third region


               pbuf[i * screen_width + j] = 0xFFFFFFFF;     //White pixel opaque in fourth region



Alpha buffer:


     memset(alpbuf, 0xFF, alp_size/4);                          //Alpha value is 0xFF in first region

     memset(alpbuf+alp_size/4, 0xAA, alp_size/4);         //Alpha value is 0xAA in second region

     memset(alpbuf+alp_size/2, 0x80, alp_size/4);          //Alpha value is 0x80 in third region

     memset(alpbuf+alp_size*3/4, 0x55, alp_size/4);       //Alpha value is 0x55 in fourth region


3. Use alpha_test to check colorkey, global alpha, local alpha and alpha in pixel effect.

colorkey on:      ./alpha_test colorkey_on <colorkey value>     //colorkey value, such as 0xFF0000 for red

colorkey off:      ./alpha_test colorkey_off

global alpha:     ./alpha_test alpha_global <alpha value>          //alpha value, such as 0x80

local alpha:      ./alpha_test alpha_local         //alpha effect is accordant with alpha buffer set in step 2

alpha in pixel:  ./alpha_test alpha_pixel         //alpha effect is accordant with alpha value in pixel set in step 2

alpha off:         ./alpha_test alpha_off

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