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No PWM output possible although MATT modes work

Question asked by StMa on Jul 26, 2012
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I'm currently trying to figure out how to use the PWM Unit on a custom mx28 board. For now I just need a test software that generates a PWM signal with a base frequency of 1kHZ to 30kHz with different Duty cycles (for example 25/50/75%) on 4 different PWM Channels.

The Problem is that I don't see any output when I configure the PWM Unit to drive a PWM Pin. The only thing I see on the Pin is the 32kHz/24MHz oscillator when I configure MATT mode for the channels. Also I see a level change on the Pin when I change the Inactive/Active State bits in the PERIOD register of the channel, but no PWM is generated. It looks like the internal counter of the PWM is not running.

For testing I implemented the functionality in three different ways:
1) Using md/mw commands on the U-Boot shell to write the appropriate register
2) Adding appropriate code in U-Boot's board_init() function
3) Made a little C program using /dev/mem to access registers and do the magic this way

All three aproaches gave me the same result.

The steps I did to enable the PWM Channel 0 were (Pinmux is already correctly configured at this point):
1) Clear bit 29 in HW_CLKCTRL_XTAL to enable clock for the PWM
2) Clear bit 31 (SFTRST) and bit 30 (CLKGATE) in HW_PWM_CTRL to enable PWM unit operation
3) Clear bit 0 (PWM0_ENABLE) in HW_PWM_CTRL as suggested here:
4) Write 0x000004b0 to HW_PWM_ACTIVE0 and 0x000b095e to HW_PWM_PERIOD0 (shamelessy taken from above reference for testing, should result in 2399 Cycles of 24MHz Clock as period and roughly 50% duty cycle, no HSADC, no MATT and sane Active/Inactive states)
5) Set bit 0 in HW_PWM_CTRL to enable the channel.

I have also looked at some of the Linux implementations of the PWM, namely the PWM backlight driver from the Freescale kernel and to an implemenatation for a generic PWM driver for mxs in the official linux-next branch. I didn't see anything that gave me a hint why this doesn't work for me.
Also I tested this on two different boards to rule out a board related problem, both showed the same behavior.

Does anybody have a suggestion what I am missing to get the PWM running or any other pointers in the right direction to get this done ?

Thanks in advance,