Ltib on 11.10 host

Discussion created by VIJAY KUMAR on Mar 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2013 by Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez

hi all,

 I tried and succeeded  for building ltib on my 11.10 host.

thanks all of posts over here and from other site .

so posting forum here so that it can help others without struggling.


here is the link go for it

covers all these issues

rpmdb: --force-debian  :  ./ <give your ltib path>
mtd-utils Build failed :  ./ <give your ltib path>
lkc Build failed       :  ./ <give your ltib path>
sparse Build failed    :  ./ <give your ltib path>
mux_server failed      :  ./ <give your ltib path>
e2fsprogs failed       :  ./ <give your ltib path>
fontconfig failed      :  ./ <give your ltib path>
libxcb                 :  ./ <give your ltib path>
imx-lib                :  ./imx-lib <give your ltib path>

Package                Minimum ver   Installed info
   -------                -----------   ---------------
   glibc-devel            0             not installed
   zlib                   0             not installed
   --->> build failed  :  ./ <give your ltib path>