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Qt-4.7.4 Phonon Gstreamer Backend for i.MX53 (and i.MX51...)

Discussion created by Daniele Dall'acqua Employee on Feb 6, 2012
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   Recently I've performed some customizations of phonon gstreamer-backend  for supporting i.MX53  processor. Actually with this, it should be  possible to playback either on QWS and X11 up to 1080p video streams, full screen or windowed..


Here attached you can find the patches required, starting from a bare LTIB installation, hoping these will be useful for some of you :).


How to install:


      Starting from a new LTIB installation.

      copy phonon-gstreamer-backend-for-fsl-iMX5x.patch in /opt/freescale/pkgs/

      (this operation is required once).

      in your ltib installation folder do

         patch -p1 < ltib-phonon-gstreamer-backend-for-fsl-iMX5x.patch


     The ltib patch is the summa of the works done by other guys in the forum plus

     modification made for supporting the patch for phonon.


There are also some improvement left to do and maybe some unknown bugs (I've performed limited testing):


      As far as I know:

     The QWS version has the limitation that the video is not centered in the widget while moving the
     Video Widget itself across the screen. I'm not a QT expert and I did not found a suitable way to let
     know to the video widget that its absolute position is changed. Right now the video will get  
     centered in the widget when passing the mouse over the wdiget itself, when it is  been moved from
     its original position.


     In the QWS the overlay of video/graphics is done via HW and the selected Color Key is Black,
     such that if you put any black graphic object over the video, it will become transparent. There is 
     no appropriate API for controlling that via the Application and the value is hard coded in 
     widgetrenderer.cpp. It implies that you have to modify it in there, without forgetting to let it match
     video widget background (otherwise you won't see anything on screen !!!). If you really need that...

     This patch drastically modify the standard renderer (X11 and Widget), such that it might be worth
     having separate renderers...

     The patch it is been tested on i.MX53 but it should work also for i.MX51, some further hack might
     be required for using other i.MX.




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