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HOWTO Custom board support (based on MX35 3DS)

Discussion created by Marten Lootsma on Jul 25, 2011
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I would like to know the possibilities of using the mainline kernel for our platform.


We have a platform with an IMX35 processor. It is a custom board, based on the MX35 3DS (v1.5), some differences:

 - NOR flash

 - MC13982

 - FEC ethernet

 and last but not least: the usage of pinning is different.


For now we use a kernel based on the SDK1_5 (2.6.26 kernel) from Freescale with our own patches (and bugfixes). For that we added to arch/arm/mach-mx35/ our board specific files (stored in our own svn repository).


We would like to update our kernel, for that we could merge our changes into the new SDK's from Freescale, but I prefer to use the mainline kernel with our changes in git (with which I have not more experience than 'git clone'). That leaves me a few questions:

 1. do you think is it worth the effort to try the mainline kernel for our platform?

 2. how do we store our board specific files in a local git?

 3. how can we suggest bug fixes (we sent them to Freescale but without result)?

 4. is the toolchain from Freescale with GCC 4.1 sufficient?


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