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How to create .s19 file from project settings

Question asked by Max Rietmann on Sep 19, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2007 by Alban Rampon
This is a repost from the 16-bit forum. I realized that this section would be far more appropriate.


I've been trying to get the OpenTCP project compiled and working on my NE64 demo board, but I cannot get codewarrior to work with me. I load the default project file that is in the zip file, and then I just make it. Everything seems to make fine, but in my ./bin directory I have no .s19 file, which i need to be able to program our chip (I think). There is an .abs file, which seems to be close to what I need, but how do I get an .s19 file? All of our normal projects just made that automatically, so i'm confused as to why this file isn't made in this project?

On another quick topic, does anybody know if the uIP stack has a port for codewarrior? Or perhaps a better question, what have people been using for ethernet stacks?