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S19 and SX Files...

Discussion created by David Thomas on Aug 29, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2012 by bigmac

I have "Inherited" an HCS12 job which was compiled on an early version of CW (5.1 I think). It produced .S19 files.


My new development system using CW5.9 produces .SX files - these can be used by my USBDM programmer o, and I can download and run new code.


What I cant do is load the .S19 files using the USBDM - I get the message "Program data not within target Flash Memory" - so I guess the programmer is reading the .S19 file incorrectly and trying to put the code at the wrong loaction in the memory map.


Is this a known problem? Is there any info available about the structure of S19 and SX files? Is there a file format converter available?


Again, I'm new to HCS12, so hope Im not wasting anyone's time with my ignorance..... thanks for listening!