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USB-ML-CFE Rev. D not working with CW 7.2  in debug mode with MCF52235

Question asked by lupogrigio on Aug 10, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2015 by Kenneth Ellefsen

Dear freescalers,


I reported here a problem found working with the Rev. D of the USB Coldfire Multilik debugger. In fact 

until yesterday I was working with success with the Rev. C of the debugger. Now, I have bought a new

MCF52235EVB board to do a new work, and that board arrived equipped with the Rev. D of the programmer.


Well, with this programmer I can't debug in RAM my applications. When I try to do this an error occurs (' loose of communication'). When I use my old programmer (Rev. C) this error does't occur, and I can debug with success 

my applications.


The erase and flash procedure work fine.


Some of you have a solution for this?


Thanks in advance for your attention.