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usb BDM. How to program flash & leave Eeprom as is

Question asked by David Mayen on Mar 14, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2008 by guillaume sanahuja
I am working on a MC9S12DG128B. We are in the developement phase of the project so we program constanly the chip with the USB multilink from PE.. The problem I have is that we need to keep some information on the chip EEProm. This information is generated buy the code itself so we can not have a S19 file to program each time . It is crutial for the debuging of the code that the memory of the EEprom is not erase each time we program the Chip with the USB multilink.
Is there a setting in codewarrior that can tell the USB multilink BDM not to erase the EEprom memory space when reprogramming the chip.
Thank's for the Help