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CodeWarrior cannot detect TRK-MPC5604P

Question asked by zhonghai wang on Jul 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2012 by zhonghai wang

Hi there,


I am really new on CodeWarrior and MPC controller.

I got the TRK-MPC5604P and tried to use it to test our code on Windows 7, 64 bits

1. I installed the CodeWarrior Development Studio for MPC55xx/MPC56xx Microcontrollers version 2.7 and RAppID initialization tool coming the the package as required by the quick start guide.

2. I can see the "Jungo/WinDriver" and the "libusb-win32 devices/OSBDM/OSJTAG -Debug port" in Device Manager.

3. I can also create a new project with MPC-5604P-M26V or MPC-5604P-M07N. But when I connect the card to PC and debug the project, the PEMICRO Connection Manager cannot see the card.

4. I also follow the FAQ #29 popped up in PEMICRO Connection Manager, unplug and replug the cable; uninstall and reinstall the WinDriver. But no progress.

5. The card does come with J21 not connected at any pins pair. I found it and connect it at 5V pins pair. But nothing was detected when I uninstall everything (CodeWarrior and RAppID initialization tool) and repeat Step 1.

Please help me out of this!

Thank you very much,