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Jumping from bootloader app to user app.

Question asked by Tiago Gomes on Apr 24, 2012
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I'm trying to make a bootloader for my application but am having some problems. I have two files .lcf. One has the addresses of memory configured to record the program starting in the region 0x00010000. This is the user application, which will eventually be updated by the bootloader. The other file .lcf is configured to start recording at position 0x00000000, because in this position the bootloader starts, right? To test, I recorded the user application directly at the position 0x00010000 using the BDM. After I recorded the bootloader  at position 0x00000000, also using the BDM. In the boot program, I try to jump to the position where the user application  has been recorded, but nothing happens. I'm relying on the document AN4367, but still could not get any progress. I've seen some examples from the package installation of MQX 3.8, but they are somewhat complex and not directly apply to my project, since I'm using a totally different motherboard from freescale kits. What can I be doing wrong?

Any help is welcome!

If necessary I can put here my .lcf files for analysis.


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