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bootloader and application in seperate projects

Discussion created by Sebastian Paul on Feb 13, 2012
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Hi @all,


i want to split bootloader code from application code in seperate projects. I find some good hints in this forum, f.e. But my project still don't work (who would have thought this :smileyhappy: ) I use CW 5.9.0, C-Code projects, WinXP, MC9S08DV32 Controller. Till now i have create bootloader project and app project, and both work fine for itself. In the PRM files i seperate the ROM segments for bootloader code and app code.Both projects have standard _Startup codes (generated by CW) and the entry point for self written functions is void main(void).


Now i want to add bootloader.s19 to my app by using HEXFILE bootloader.s19 instruction in PRM File. Doing this i get problems with startvector! There is an error in debuggers command window: Code loading overlap detected in range 0x0000FFFE..0x0000FFFF and when i run the application with added bootloader.s19, the startvector goes to app instead of bootloader! I hoped that the startvector become the address of bootloader startup, by adding HEXFILE bootloader.s19, but it don't. How can i add my bootloader project/code/s19 to the app-project, where the bootloader starts after reset?