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Announcements about Kinetis Application Notes

Question asked by Dacil Amelia Cruz Vargas Employee on Dec 27, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2013 by Derek Snell
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Hi! :smileyhappy:


I'll be using this thread to announce and let you know about all the new application notes in the moment they are released. Please feel free to use this channel to ask for any non-existent application note and let me know all your comments about the existing ones. 


To start, here is a summary of all the ones that we already have:


Kinetis Published Application Notes
AN4342Using IIC
AN4345MQX communication drivers to implement protocol converters
AN4287Step by Step Guide on How to Clone an MQX BSP
AN4282Using the Kinetis Family Enhanced EEPROM Functionality
AN4323Implementing an EKG with Kinetis 5x
AN4327Implements a Pulseoximeter with Kinetis K5x
AN4332Implementing an IEEE 1588 v2 node on the Kinetis K60 using the Freescale MQX IEEE 1588 communication library
AN4330Writing touch sensing SW with TSI module and TSS software
AN4307Using crypto libraries with Kinetis and CF+
AN4419DMA and GPIO transfers
AN4325Implementing a spirometer with Kinetis K5x
AN4328Implementing a blood pressure monitor with Kinetis K5x
AN4346Designing a working prototype using MQX RTOS and tower systems for Kinetis MCUs
AN4390Creating your own Tower Module
AN4407Dual Motor Control for PMSM with Kinetis K70
AN4410FlexTimer and ADC synchronization for Field Oriented Control
AN4254Motor control under MQX
AN4314Using USB2SER DLL in C# Projects
AN4255Single Phase Electricity Meter for MK30x
AN4429Using motor control PWM for BLDC motors
AN4364Implementing a glucometer with Kinetis K5x
AN4363How to connect to a SMTP server using Freescale NanoSSL client
AN4417MQX: Remote controlling with twitter
AN4376BLDC Motor Control with hall effect sensors using MQX on Kinetis
AN4381Configuring FlexTimer for position and speed measurement with encoder
AN4367Freescale Ethernet boot loader for MCU V1.0
AN4379Freescale USB MSD device boot loader for MCU
AN4370USB DFU boot loader for MCU
AN4368Freescale USB MSD host boot loader for MCU V1.0


Please respond to this thread in case you are not able to find any of these ones and I'll send you the direct link.


Happy Holidays!!!!!