i.MX283 / i.MX278 SODIMM Module for Embedded GPIO

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i.MX283 / i.MX278 SODIMM Module for Embedded GPIO

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i.MX283 / i.MX278 SODIMM Module for Embedded GPIO

We have a new i.MX283 / i.MX287 SODIMM sized SOM, the CFA-10036:


Here are the features that set this module apart:

  • Debug/Console OLED, 128x32 pixels, I2C interface
  • microSD socket to allow huge non-volatile storage at low cost
  • microUSB connector supplies power and console through gadget driver
  • i.MX283 version: 128MB DDR2, 91 GPIO
  • i.MX287 version: 256MB DDR2, 126 GPIO
  • Only a single 5v supply is needed
  • Support included in Linux 3.7 mainline kernel
  • Open software, fully documented hardware

This module has a very low cost of entry. At the minimum level, all you need to use it is the module itself and a standard microUSB cable.

We also have a debug/prototyping board that adds wired Ethernet and USB A connectors, as well as a generous prototyping area:


For the initial production we have this as a project on Kickstarter:

CFA-10036 Open, Hackable, Linux + ARM Embedded GPIO Module

Please contact CFA10036@crystalfontz.com for production inquiries.

| Crystalfontz America, Incorporated

| 12412 East Saltese Avenue

| Spokane Valley, WA 99216-0357

| http://www.crystalfontz.com

| voice (509) 892-1200 fax (509) 892-1203 US toll-free (888) 206-9720

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Very nice board layout! I like the use of the low inductance decoupling caps! I presume this helped save you stacking the multiple caps the reference schematics call for (33uF total)?

> Very nice board layout! I

Thank you for the kind words.

> low inductance decoupling caps

Here is the part we are using:

Capacitors | details for LLL185R71A104MA01# | Murata

I had researched getting low impedance out of the MLCC caps, and using multiple vias is supposed to help reduce the impedance quite a bit. I think having multiple vias along with the "long side" (0306, instead of 0603) capacitors gets the most performance out of the fewest parts.

Here is one paper for reference:


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