IoT Solutions: Cloud Connector for Android

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IoT Solutions: Cloud Connector for Android

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IoT Solutions: Cloud Connector for Android

Connect any Android-based M2M device seamlessly with Device Cloud by Etherios and instantly build solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

This set of libraries, plug-ins, samples and tools simplifies the development of Device Cloud applications for Android devices (Android version 2.2 and later).

  • Easy and immediate integration of IoT cloud connectivity into applications
  • Supports any Android device version 2.2 and greater
  • Two-way messaging for full cloud-to-device messaging and control
  • Device management and troubleshooting tools
    • including configuration edits, firmware updates and device reboots
  • Application development tools
  • Remote file system management
  • Secure connections
  • Installation via Eclipse Update Manager

The download includes: 

  • Eclipse plug-ins that extend the functionality of the IDE, simplifying development
  • Cloud Connector for Android library, including an API that allows Device Cloud communication with just a few lines of code
  • Examples and demos (Android and Web applications), with source code included
  • Comprehensive documentation, including a Getting Started Guide, a General Users Manual and an API reference

Visit Cloud Connector for Android and download the free Cloud Connector for Android.

For an overview of the Device Cloud by Etherios IoT solution, please also take a look at Device Cloud: Driving the Internet of ANYthing

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the above mentioned link  for the cloud connector is not accessible.

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