Embedded World 2016 - again a great experience and full of NXP Products

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Embedded World 2016 - again a great experience and full of NXP Products

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Embedded World 2016 - again a great experience and full of NXP Products

It sounds almost like a tale: Every Year again all the Experts of the Embedded Market meet in a little old Town in the Forrest of Bavaria. They are coming from all nations in flying machines to see the latest inovation and talk to each other in a language filled with Buzz words only few might understand if they not belong to this totally Engineering group.... :smileywink:

Also this Year Embedded World took place like always in end of February.

I have been on a few times on Embedded Worlds now, but it is always great to go again.

Every year there is something new to spot and I also enjoy to meet old friends and silicon vendors to discuss about the latest evolution/revolution.

This Year I attended the Show for TechNexion and we showed our latest Products based on NXP's ARM chips, like our tiny PICO Modules which are also available with NXP i.MX6UL now and the ideal choice for multimedia applications or where not much space is available. With i.MX6 and i.MX7 options it ofers a nice scalability.

Not to forget the fitting baseboard which makes us the HW provider of choice for NXP and Google for the Brillo OS

Of Course we also showed our EDM Modules, the work horse of the industry. Reliable. Rugged. Open Source Standard.

With 82mm x 60mm it's a small formfactor with a great scalability from Single to DualLite or Quad core. And of course also available with i.MX7 :smileywink:

New have been our TEK-Series, a Series of ruggedized, fan-less, cable-less BoxPC's with a Modular approach so Customer can choose the right configuration from off-the-shelf components

Also new have been our TEP-Seriees, which is a Series of HMI's ranging from 7" to 10" and 15", also based on the same modular, cable-free- fan-less approach like the TEK-Series.

Embedded World has been very busy for us, but never less we found the time to record a video, introducing our Company (for the few who don't know about us yet..) and in the second half of the video having a detailed introduction of our new products.

You can watch the video here:

TechNexion Company Introduction (@Embedded-News.TV)

or directly on YouTube here:

TechNexion Company Introduction and Product presentation (@YouTube)

Thanks all our visitors and Looking forward to see you again next year!!

Any Questions in the meantime? Contact us!

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