IMXRT1024 UART Hardware Control Parameters (in Code and Reference Manual) - 2

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IMXRT1024 UART Hardware Control Parameters (in Code and Reference Manual) - 2

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Hi All,

This post is continuation of my first post ( First Post ). System tagging my post as spam. Like you see below: 



My questions:


Q1(+): I read it in RM but it is not like the other UARTs. It is a sophisticated one. Thanks.

Q2: What do you exactly mean with "the related pin should not be controlled automatically" ? Will be the pin high signal to the oscilloscope when I debug the code and config.enableRxRTS=true line is run and pass next step?

Q3: Data communication is failing when I use my UART Example that created from scratch(by the way I am working on two example. One of them is my own example and another one is SDK Default hardware control example. And, I am trying to understand what is going on). Simply, it uses UART_WriteByte method in infinite while loop and writing "0x10" byte to the TX pin succesfully. Also, I am observing data flow in oscilloscope successfully. When I set config.enableRxRTS = true and config.enableTxCTS = true, datas is not successfully observing 11110000 form in oscilloscope, it is always staying high form. But when I set config.enableRxRTS = true and config.enableTxCTS = false, datas is successfully observing as 11110000 form in oscilloscope. Why config.enableTxCTS = true effects like that? Will I am not able to use TxCTS in my board?

Q4(+): I am just trying to do that on my board. No like in the section Thanks.

Q5: Nooo, absolutely not. RTS pin is asserting as high form one bit before the data bit transmission start. I am writing 1010101....1010(size 256) to the TX pin in my code to observe better in oscilloscope. So I just changed the transferTxData array's content in default SDK example. But it is always staying high bit form (1). What is that mean?


Thanks and Regards.

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