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How to use MQS on trial

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I would like to ask you about MQS (Medium quality sound).
A customer is interested in MQS to use for their speaker output instead of external DAC. They now want to try to use MQS interface as speaker output, and check about quality and volume of the sound, whether it's fit with their application, or not.

Q1. Could you please let me know what evaluation board released from NXP is good to use MQS I/F on trial? They want to connect the MQS signal to their speaker which is now on their current application, then check sound quality.

Q2. According to some reference manuals of i.MX RT series, it says "The signals above 10 kHz will have worse THD+N values." Please let me know how much WORSE the THD+N value if you know (e.g. enough for piano for kids, enough for BGM with small volume in small room, etc.).

Best regards,


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi takahirosato_ry,


Thanks for your interest in the NXP MIMXRT product, I would like to provide service for you.
Our AE has shared some RT MQS example which is based on the RT1050, RT1060 also can run it, it is using the SAI3 DMA method.
About the worse situation, I think you still need to test it with your own situation.
Here I share you one test result from my side, please check the video, whether this sound quality can meet your demand or not?
If you think this sound quality can meet your demand, and want to get the source code.
You can create the case from the, in the case content, you can write assign to Kerry zhou.
Then I will send you the test code project in your case through the email.
Please check the attached .mp4 test result at first.

The RT EVK board still can't support the MQS directly, the MQS also need some external driver circuit.

Wish it helps you!

If you still have questions about it, please kindly let me know!

Best Regards,




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Hi Kerry,

I'm really sorry for my late response, and thanks for your demo video.
The sound quality looks good, and probably meet with customer requirements, but they want to check directly by their own hand.
Since I would like to set up the demo environment on RT1060-EVK by myself, I'll create new case and ask to assign you later.

Thank you so much for your cooperation. I really appreciate you.

Best regards,

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