yocto adding custom xxxx-m4.bin file on iMX8 mini

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yocto adding custom xxxx-m4.bin file on iMX8 mini

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I have an iMX8 mini yocto build for a custom board. I have defined a custom MACHINE in our custom meta-bsp layer (ex:imx8mmcustom.conf) in the conf file I pretty much cloned the entries from the iMX8m mini evk.

Now I would like to replace the imx-m4-demo files with my custom-m4.bin file.

I am not sure how or where to add a layer/recipe with a .bbappend which will add my custom M4 file that will be included in the image/ sd card image generation.

Can someone help?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello David Vescovi,

The code that installs the binaries is located at:

You may append the recipe that inherits this file, which is the following, as to make it include the changed files.

The BSP porting guide available as part of the BSP Release documentation and the Yocto Reference Manual are good sources for more details on customizing your BSP.


I hope this helps!


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