setting up the SPI Linux driver on the iMX53 Quick Start

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setting up the SPI Linux driver on the iMX53 Quick Start

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Hopefully I have not overlooked an earlier post that address this question. On the iMX53 quick start board I'm trying to use the SPI interface. Via the ltib GUI I'm building into the kernel the mxcc_spi, spi_bitbang and spidev drivers. I've had them both statically linked and loaded as a kernel module with same result. In each case there are no device entries created in /dev. From other checks it seems the device drivers are being manually loaded or are being statically linked OK into the kernel. Am I wrong to think that the /dev entries should be automatically created based on the SPI configuration info which I believe I've entered correctly? I tried to progress by manually adding these /dev entries via command such as
mknod -m 666 /dev/spi c 153 32
However in trying to use the /dev/spi device I'm getting an error.

I'm wondering if there is an IOMUX issues. I don't seem to see where the IOMUX configuration goes. I was thinking that the lower level mxc_spi would take care of the IOMUX configuration but this could be a major oversight on my part. Could someone outline the basic steps needed to get an SPI interface working on an iMX53 using one of the CSPI channels. I'm OK about the various details about the SPI protocol itself, just need the steps to get a /dev/spi entry.


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Please take a look at arch/arm/mach-mx5/mx53_ard.c for an example of SPI usage.




Fabio Estevam

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