qt app too small for screen resolution

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qt app too small for screen resolution

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i got matchbox installed and the qt examples. My screen has a resolution of 1280x800, but when i start a qt example app after boot, e.g. qtsmarthome directly from a /home/user/.matchbox/session file, it only displays the qtsmarthome only in 800x480 size ?

I changed the width and heigth settings inside  qtsmarthome-1.0/qml/smarthome/smarthome.qml  file to 1280x800, but nothing changed ?  I also changed DISPLAY_WIDTH_PIXELS and DISPLAY_HEIGHT_PIXELS inside /etc/formfactor/machconfig  but also nothing changed ?

I start the qtsmarthome app with the line:

/usr/share/qtsmarthome-1.0/smarthome --platform xcb

The interresting thing is, when i start smarthome from cmdline without the matchbox session file, it starts in big resolution, but not fullscreen , because of the matchbox-panel at the top of the screen.

How can i setup the correct resolution to start a qt example app right after booting in fullscreen ?

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