microSD Card not working in custom imx7d board

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microSD Card not working in custom imx7d board

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I am using micro SD Card in my custom imx7d board in accordance with the reference of the imx7d Sabre board. The issue I am facing is I am getting the initial pulse of SD card detection on SD1_CLK pin, whereas our CD pin of SD card is tied to Ground. I am using uSDHC0 (default one/same as sabre) for the SD card. I also have checked the microSD card with Sabre board as well as my other custom imx7d board and it is working absolutely fine. I have also checked all power rails as well as clock frequencies, they are all working fine.

when I checked SD1_CLK on the MSO I got the following pulse and I have attached screenshots here, I am getting weird pulse in terms of increasing voltage amplitude. Kindly assist me in what is going wrong. I have also attached the micro SD card Schematic. I have also checked with all the BOOT mode pins.

Also, I am unable to get into USB serial downloader mode, will create another thread for the same.

Thanks in advance!

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Vikrant

may be recommended to check hardware using Hardware Development Guide for i.MX7Dual and 7Solo Applications Processors

some software basic tests can be performed using baremetal sdk with jtag,

adapting i.mx6 codes for i.mx7 (as uSDHC module is the same)

rt-thread/bsp/imx6sx/iMX6_Platform_SDK/sdk/drivers/usdhc at master · RT-Thread/rt-thread · GitHub 

Best regards
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