iMX6 Surround View Application EGL Issue

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iMX6 Surround View Application EGL Issue

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I am trying to run a surround view demo app (surround-view-3D_1.1_beta) on I.MX6QP. There are some issues that I am facing:

  • Although successfully managed to build application from source code for X11, running app on the board gives Segmentation Fault with below trace ended with “rootwindow = RootWindow(eglNativeDisplayType, screen);


#0  MyDisplay::dispInit (this=this@entry=0x13319f8) at ../Common/src/backend/x11/display.cpp:108

108     ../Common/src/backend/x11/display.cpp: No such file or directory.


(gdb) bt

#0  MyDisplay::dispInit (this=this@entry=0x13319f8) at ../Common/src/backend/x11/display.cpp:108

#1  0x00019e58 in MyDisplay::MyDisplay (this=0x13319f8, keyboard_dev=<optimized out>, mouse_dev=<optimized out>)

    at ../Common/src/backend/x11/display.cpp:50

#2  0x00033090 in objectsInit () at src/auto_calib.cpp:178

#3  0x00014590 in main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>) at src/auto_calib.cpp:74



  •  When compiling demo app for fb, it gives following errors;

App/Source/Calibration/../Common/src/backend/fb/display.cpp:119: undefined reference to `fbGetDisplayByIndex'

App/Source/Calibration/../Common/src/backend/fb/display.cpp:129: undefined reference to `fbCreateWindow' collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status


  How can I fix these problems? Is there any document or code except NXP Semiconductors Reference Manual and User’s Guide?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Can,

Segmentation fault comes with memory problem or it is full image in your board, please check it with DDR stress tool: 


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