i.MX8M Mini Pin muxing warning

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i.MX8M Mini Pin muxing warning

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Hi NXP team,

Please help to resolve below queries as well.

1) Can we use boot config pins after booting as SAI or GPIO interface? Is there any recommendation or design guideline on how this is to be taken care for these mux functionalities of boot config pins?

2) We are assigning GPIO and low speed peripherals as per attached sheet in pin mux tool. However, we are getting warning in tool . Please explain this and let us know if we have not assigned any power domain/GPIO correctly. We assume that whatever voltage we feed to particular power group, its GPIO will also operate at same voltage. If yes, we have allocated GPIO accordingly only. Please explain this warning.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Nija

1. such solution can be found in sect.2.3Bus isolation circuit

IMX6DQ6SDLHDG, Hardware Development Guide for i.MX 6Quad, 6Dual, 6DualLite, 6Solo Families of Applic...

2.warnings appear just to alert that gpios may be powered by different power supplies, please refer to

Table 64. i.MX 8M Mini 14 x 14 mm functional contact assignments, column "Power group"

i.MX 8M Mini Applications Processor Datasheet for Consumer Products

Every ball is powered by power supply in "Power group", irrelevant to used pinmux alt mode for that ball.

Best regards
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