i.MX6UL platform on Windows 10 IoT embedded system

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i.MX6UL platform on Windows 10 IoT embedded system

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Since we have finished a project based on i.MX6UL which was developed in YoctoProject environment, we will like to study whether there is possibility to develop it with Windows 10 IoT Core. Prier to study, there are several questions that should be clarified first.

(1) Is Windows 10 IoT free? Should we pay for the license? How much is it?
(2) Is it easy to integrate the present opensoftware into Windows10 IoT? (Such as Net-SNMP, SSHD etc)

(3) Can it be specified to a specific 3rd-party Cloud Sever as our potential customer desire to connect the edge devices?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Adam,

For all your questions you can check:

Overview of Windows 10 IoT Core - Windows IoT | Microsoft Docs 


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