i.MX 8M Plus Support for USB on Cortex-M7

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i.MX 8M Plus Support for USB on Cortex-M7

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I'm looking for support for interfacing with a USB device from the Cortex-M7 coprocessor of the IMX8Plus.

I am using this SMARC board here from Avnet: https://www.msc-technologies.eu/support/boards/smarc/msc-sm2s-imx8plus.html

Along with this carrier board from Congatec: https://www.congatec.com/us/products/accessories/conga-seval/

From the system running on the A53 processor (Linux) I have access to both USB ports. We would like access to one of the ports from the M7.

Using the SDK SDK_2_10_0_MIMX8ML8xxxKZ I cannot find any USB drivers or examples for this use case. Does this require pin remapping? Does the Cortex-M7 even support IO? Are there other SDKs that contain drivers and middleware that are needed?

Any information or solutions to this along with more information on utilizing the Cortex-M7 would be greatly appreciated.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Yes, there is no driver available for USB available in the official SDK release.

It may be possible to port it from other devices for example i.MXRT, but the PHY and USB non-core registers are different, and it will not be straightforward to port.

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