What is the default settings of LDO regulator in Nitrogen 6 Max dtbs ?

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What is the default settings of LDO regulator in Nitrogen 6 Max dtbs ?

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Dear All,




I used Nitrogen 6 Max development board for my custom hardware design. As well as I used Nitrogen 6 Max dtbs and uboot for that. But I changed its VDDSOC_IN and VDDARM_IN to 1.375 volts and I need to use them in LDO enable mode. But Notrogen 6 Max it is using LDO bypass voltages. As well as I couldn't see any dtb related to LDO enable mode.


1) What are the default settings of the LDO regulator in kernel (In Nitrogen 6 Max) ? Is that LDO enable or LDO bypass ? Do you know any method to see the present status of the LDO in kernel ? Using devrgs command ?


When I read PMU_REG_CORE register using devrgs tools will it give the present settings ?

devregs 0x020C8140


2) Can we set this LDO settings in uboot ?


3) And also some of my custom hardware designs are not working when it is 1.2V for VDDSOC_IN and when I run GPU is highly stressed application. But when I give 1.375V to VDDSOC_IN, I can stress GPU more. Can you comment on this ? Can't I stress the GPU when I'm using LDO bypass mode(1.2V) ?


4)If I'm using Nitrogen 6 Max dtbs how can I change LDO bypass to LDO enable mode ?




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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Peter

in general for default settings of the LDO regulator first suggest to analyze

schematic of this board


some answers can be found in post Kulunu October 30, 2017 at 11:37 am

U-Boot v2017.03 - Boundary Devices 

ldo dts examples

ENGR00277895: dts: ARM: imx6: add ldo-enable dts files (5a87f28b) · Commits · ARM / qmx6_kernel · Gi... 

Best regards
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