Warm Reset with a SOM based on i.MX6 SCM

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Warm Reset with a SOM based on i.MX6 SCM

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For background this is being implemented on a SOM module using an i.mx6 SCm module. It’s the dual with integrated PMIC and pop memory. 


Currently the module "reset" command is doing a watchdog WDOG1  "COLD" reset. Which works reliably and well. 


We requested to keep DRAM intact throughout a system reset. This requires that power to DRAM is preserved and DRAM is put in self refresh mode. The option to do should simply be changing the reset to a "WARM" reset. 

According to IMX6 docs, the warm reset does all those steps. In red below.


The following is a basic description of the WARM reset sequence:

  1. ARM sets SRC_SCR[warm_reset_enable] bit to enable the WARM Reset

functionality. If this bit is not set, all WARM reset sources will result in COLD reset.

  1. Assertion of one of the WARM reset sources.

Functional Description

i.MX 6Dual/6Quad Applications Processor Reference Manual, Rev. 1, 04/2013

5072 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

  1. The reset source is qualified in the SRC.
  2. If mmdc_dvfs_ack signal is low, then SRC triggers the MMDC to switch to self-

refresh mode using mmdc_dvfs_req signal. This is done through the CCM to

combine with the DVFS sent from the CCM in case of frequency change of MMDC.

  1. Wait for mmdc_dvfs_ack signal from the MMDC. If no ack is recieved during

warm_rst_bypass_count number of XTALI clocks, COLD reset will be generated.

  1. Assert warm_reset signal to MMDC.
  2. SRC asserts system resets



Warm reset was enabled by doing same command and steps as "cold" reset except for setting SRC_SCR[warm_reset_enable] bit. 


But doing so caused the system not to re-boot after a reset. Typing "reset" in u-boot causes system to hang and not boot back up anymore.  Clearing the SRC_SCR[warm_reset_enable] bit - thus taking it back to "cold" reset, fixes the issue - but this does not preserve DRAM content across resets.

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