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WFD Sink for Linux

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We are using  nitrogen6_max board with wl1837 module over SDIO interface. Our Linux kernel version is 4.9. We have successfully interfaced WL1837 module. Now we want to run nitrogen6_max as a miracast sink device. For that, we need WFD Binary for the Linux. also, we need some user guide/steps to run miracast in Linux.

We are already using nitrogen6_max as sink device in the Android 4.4.3 platform. but we are observing high latency in android platform around ~400ms. basically, our primary goal is to compare miracast latency in between Linux and Android platform. so that we can confirm high latency is created because of Android or something else is a problem.  

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Hi Matthieu

Thank you for your kind reply.
Please note following is our setup:
1. Our setup consists of :2 nitrogen_6max board as source and sink respectively working on Android 4.4.3.
2. Miracast sink and H264 encoder decoder.
3. For Miracast we are using and Wfd sink android application provided by NXP.

We are considering Android as the first option as we were getting latency of around 300-400ms, we were considering Linux as our back up option.
We have disabled HDCP, UIBC in order to achieve less latency, but haven't found much luck with it.

Requesting if you could help us achieve around 100-200ms latency with Android setup.

Highly Appreciated your help. As our commercial production is at stake because of the same.

If you could share any means of contacting you directly or over phone call something would be great, as we need help on urgent basis.

Kind Regards

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Hi Matthieu,

Any updates from your side? We are stuck as our customer is escalating.

your help would be highly appreciated.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Sandip, 

NXP is selling a WFD sink linux solution that is production grade & (pre)certified (we do have an in house certification setup running) as well as validated with most smartphones/tablets and Win8/10 devices/computers (Sony Xperia / Samsung Galaxy Sxx / Huawei Px / ......) 

Miracast for Linux|NXP 

  • Production grade and Miracast certified software stack, optimally running on the i.MX6
    application processor, fully integrated with the NXP Linux Yocto BSPs.
  • Integrates all the WFD mandatory features, plus optional ones: User Input Back Channel (UIBC GENERIC & HIDC),
    WFD service discovery and WFD standby.
  • HDCPv2.2 stack available
  • NXP developed multiple displays feature, allowing multiple screens to be connected to a single
    i.MX6 SoC, displaying the content of a connected Miracast source device. Multiple screens can
    show the same content (from a single connected Miracast source) or cast different contents
    from specific Miracast sources.
  • The stack design and implementation support an unlimited number of connections and
  • Uses GStreamer framework as media player application, with NXP optimized plugins reducing
    the Miracast source/sink latency

This Linux Miracast Sink solution is already in production in Automotive and consumer products

A demo (sdcard image) is available for customers running Yocto 2.1 Linux 4.1.15_2.0.0 on either a SabreSD platform or SabreAI i.MX6 reference design + a WiFi module.

The WiFi-module can be a USB WiFi dongle (AR9271 based) or the Murata CYW4339 SDIO module (802.11ac / BT 4.1)

To come back to the latency topic, on Linux, we are using GStreamer as media player, and we created a dynamic latency feature to improve the overall source/sink latency. 

Latency highly depends of the source screen resolution and H264 profile used. So, different sources may have different latency, but overall, the measured latency have been between 200 and 300 ms up to now while keeping the audio & video synchronized.

We could port our Miracast Sink Linux solution to nitrogen_6max board as part of professional services. 

You can contact me directly if you want to have more information on our Linux Miracast solution or try the Linux Miracast demo



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Sandip

wfd functionality is provided only for android, its usage is described in

android documentation found on

i.MX Software|NXP 

For linux one can apply to  Professional Services

NXP Professional Services|NXP 

or local NXP marketing office.

Best regards
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