VPU Decoder Issues iMx8

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VPU Decoder Issues iMx8

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We found some issues in system testing with the VPU_Addon-b200129 NXP release, below are the issues:


Issue # 1

If we enable low latency mode for High-profile H264 video then we see most of the images are repeating on display.

I have attached the High-profile H264 file(video_data.h264) and its frame-length file(frame_length.txt) here so that you can also check it at your end.

How to reproduce this issue:

I have modified the vpu_player.c file and attached here, just compile it and run.

Note: vpu_player.c file will require video_data.h264 and frame_length.txt file.


Issue #2

With low-latency mode VPU decoder is giving "-1" for 8-10 frames for the file which does not contain SEI data. VPU decoder should not give "-1" for more than 2 frames.

FYI Decoder is giving "-1" for 1-2 times for the file which has SEI data.


Issue #3

VPU decoder is giving wrong output resolution. For example decoder is giving width and height is 512, 512 respectively for 320x240 resolution of video.

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