Spread Spectrum Enable in yocto

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Spread Spectrum Enable in yocto

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Hello everyon.


I am trying to enable Spread Spectrum in our board.

uboot version : U-Boot 2021.04-lf_v2021.04+g263b27e

kernel version : 5.10.72-lts-5.10.y+ga68e31b

processor : imx6ull

I want to activate the spread spectrum, but I couldn't find a way.

If you search the community, it tells you how to add DCD in uboot and use a plugin,

but I couldn't find the exact way.

It says to set the values of CCM_ANALOG_PLL_SYS_DENOM and CCM_ANALOG_PLL_SYS_SS,

but I don't understand where to set these values.

Please tell me know where and how to set it up.


Have a nice day,





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