Splashscreen displays for shortened time

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Splashscreen displays for shortened time

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---- Please Read carefully ----

Device info:

     Processor: iMX6Q (Dual Core Version)

     Uboot Version: 2009.08

     BSP Version: Freescale Android BSP for KitKat 4.4.2_r1

After a bit of a struggle, I have the splashscreen showing up on a custom board, but it is only showing for a brief period of time when compared to a Freescale SabreSD Development board. The difference in operation is that the Freescale board shows the splashscreen up until the boot animation takes over. On the custom board, the splashscreen only shows for a brief period of time, then the screen is blank until the boot animation displays. I want to emulate the Freescale board in this function. The custom board is set up using the SabreSD board as a reference design, so most everything that happens on the SabreSD Deveopment board also happens on the custom board. One major difference, and this may have something to do with the error, is that the custom board is using lvds 0, while the development board is using lvds 1. Now, the env variable has been changed in uboot to account for this difference, so it should be set up fine with respect to uboot. My thoughts on what might be going on: uboot boots with the image, it hands off to the kernel, and the kernel either loses the image or needs to be set up with a spashscreen of its own. I need to know which it is, if any, and how to fix it.



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