Secure Boot in i.mx6UL

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Secure Boot in i.mx6UL

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I am working on i.mx6UL argon board and i want to add the secure boot feature but i don't have much knowledge of this feature also not able to get the "imx6ul security reference manual". 

I want to test and validate the secure boot feature on my i.mx6ul board. 

Please help me how can i add secure boot feature, from some documents i came to know it requires some tools to add secure boot feature so please give the details to get these tools and information of how to use it.


Waiting for response.



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Lalabhai,

You can see the available documentation for the i.MX6UL on the following link. Under Reference Manual you will see the Security Reference Manual for the i.MX6UL. You can request this document by clicking on it. However, since this is a moderated document you will need an NDA to access it. I would recommend contacting your NXP Distributor and explaining you need access to this document so they can help you signing the NDA.

This Security Refence Manual should cover the specifics on the Security Features of the i.MX6UL. I would also recommend reading Application Note 4581 which covers secure boot.

I hope this helps,


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