Qt GUI performance issue on iMX6

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Qt GUI performance issue on iMX6

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Hello All, 

I am working on Qt 5.6.3 based GUI Application running on i.MX6 ULL processor (without GPU) based custom embedded board.

I observed that Qt GUI performance is very poor and sluggish while scrolling the screen or moving from one page to another and it is taking so much time (in seconds) to render the GUI on display.

I am using Yocto 3.0 build and Qt with wayland/weston compositor.

Also i found cpu utilization jumps to more than 50% when i touches on GUI or scrolls the page.

Here is my machine info:-

processor :- iMX6ULL (w/o gpu support)

Yocto build :- 3.0

Qt5 :- version 5.6.3

kernel :- 4.9.207

RAM:- 512 MB

Is there any solution to improve the GUI performance ...?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Nikhil Karale,

As you mentioned, the i.MX6ULL does not have a GPU do graphics hardware acceleration is not possible so all processing derived from the GUI will be processed by the CPU (from which there is also just one core, making things worse). I don’t think you can improve the performance other than disabling graphical effects.

My apologies for the inconvenience!


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