My other imx7d pico android things start kit died, again

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My other imx7d pico android things start kit died, again

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1) I had this problem with my imx7d-pico SOM module: My imx7d pico android things start kit died

I tried to buy another module (only) and/or get technical support, but Technexion claimed that as a physical person I could not purchase another module directly.

2) A colleague sold me a new imx7d-pico android things kit.

3) On this second SOM/Carrier board I had the same problem as with the first. I'll talk about it below:

3.a -> As attached image named issuetoda, I had been trying to upload yocto(Technexion PICO-PI-IMX7 - Yocto Project - Mender Hub ) on this device. I got the error: boota: no bootable slot, because instead of using dfu 0 mmc 1, I used dfu 0 mmc 0:

3.b ->I went to my computer with W10 (one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0) and mfgtools configured to erase the data using the mfgtool2-brillo-mx7d-pico-emmc-firmware command. And this was done, as per photo name: screenissue.

3.c -> The screenissue image have a question 1 is:  I left this screen (with green stripes and finished service from image screenissue) for 8 minutes at a standstill. Because I went for coffee. Of course, it is at this point (or, instantly after I clicked STOP/EXIT that the problem occurred. (Both this SOM module and the one that blew it).

question 1 is: Why did this (8-minute delay) procedure damaged my device?

3.d -> The screenissue image have a questions 2 is: Whats is out55 the USB-OTG cable? Where I find picture of it?

I bought a cable with TRS and female usb otg connector, coupled with a male -> male usb cable and plugged it into the i2s audio input on the carrier board. But it did not solve the problem. Cable images used: attached ze1, ze2

Can anyone help me?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Neuber,


I’m afraid that the i.MX7D Pico board is manufactured and supported by TechNexion so I would recommend that you contact them especially if you are facing hardware issues.

Our apologies for any inconveniences this may cause.

Hope this will be useful for you.
Best regards!
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CarlosCasillas‌  weidong.sun

I have not been able to contact (let alone support) Technexion. In this link (iMX7D Pico won't boot ) are the steps I used with mfgtools that damaged my device (steps 1 to 5 the 6 didn't give). Why did the script (mfgtool2-brillo-mx7d-pico-emmc-firmware) burn my board? What was burned? Do I ate to solve?

linux/imx7d-pinfunc.h at master · torvalds/linux · GitHub 


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