Messaging Unit (MU) issue

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Messaging Unit (MU) issue

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I am using the tool m4ctrl to load m4 bin from linux.But I have some issues.

I git clone from m4ctrl - M4 Control Tool for i.MX platforms  ,and I build it.

Then I get an exec bin m4ctrl and an kernel module m4ctrl_dev.ko.

I use insmod m4ctrl_dev.ko in the linux shell to insmod kernel module,but an error occuring:

root@imx8mmevk:~# [  950.531748] Cannot obtain MU ID

I found it is printed from m4ctrl_dev.c:

      sciErr = sc_ipc_getMuID(&mu_id);
      if (sciErr != SC_ERR_NONE) {
         pr_err("Cannot obtain MU ID\n");
         return -EPROBE_DEFER;

The function sc_ipc_getMuID is defined in the file: drivers/soc/imx/sc/main/ipc.c.

This error occurs because the MU driver does not load in the kernel.

When Linux booting, a log can find in the shell:

[    0.114381] Cannot find MU entry in device tree

My question is: How to add MU driver on the imx8m mini board?

By the way, My yocto version is 2.5 (Sumo) and linux version is imx_4.14.78_1.0.0_ga.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi wang

unfortunately this tool currently does not support i.MX8M Mini,

m4ctrl - M4 Control Tool for i.MX platforms 

One can try to add such support himself, using as reference i.MX7 codes.

i.MX8M Mini has not SCU module and m4ctrl_dev.c is not needed.

So one will have to set appropriate memory addresses for i.MX8M Mini,

common gudelines for running M4 from Linux can be found in app note AN5317

Loading Code on Cortex-M4 from Linux for the i.MX 6SoloX and i.MX 7Dual/7Solo Application Processors...

Best regards
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