MIMXRT1052DVL6B lcd interface

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MIMXRT1052DVL6B lcd interface

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I attached a excel sheet with this. In that I mentioned 2 models for 24 bit data for RGB display and 1 for 16 bit data. In one 24 bit data model I gave first 16 bit data in 5,6,5 format( D0 to D4 for B3 to B7,D5 to D10 for G2 to G7 ,D11 to D15 to R3 to R7).

The remaining 8bit data is given as in excel sheet (D16 to D18 as R0 to R3, D19 & D20 as G0 & G1 , D21 to D23 as B0 to B3).

In second model I gave D0 to D7 for B0 to B7, D8 to D15 as G0 to G7 and D16 to D23 as R0 to R7.

   From these two which can I use for 24 bit display. Can you please tell which is correct and which is wrong. (If both are wrong please suggest correct one). 

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