MIMXRT1050-EVK hyperflash program error

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MIMXRT1050-EVK hyperflash program error

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Hello. I have a problem with writing to memory. I use an example flexspi_hyper_flash_polling_transfer. It works fine. Next, I duplicated a block of code that programs the page, programming the next page. It works too. Then, instead of the counter I filled s_hyperflash_program_buffer with part of real data. Both pages are programmed with the same data. But the second page is getting corrupted. But if the second page is filled with a fixed value, then everything works. How to solve a problem? Thanks.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi PazDim,

Hyper flash word program requires its clock rate lower than 50 MHz(DDR mode) when word program, so the FLEXSPI clock rate needs to be lowered before the page program.


The Hyper flash example configures FLEXSPI clock at 42 MHz(DDR mode) and configures LUT table to use word program which has a limitation that 50 MHz timings are required when using a burst write during a Word Program command.


The flexspi_nor_flash_page_program() changes the FLEXSPI clock to 166 MHz after page program successfully in the flexspi_clock_update() routine. However, the clock must be lowered again before programming again.



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