Implementing AVB Stack on IMX6 SABRE AI

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Implementing AVB Stack on IMX6 SABRE AI

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Is there any open source software available for implementing the AVB stack on the IMX6 Sabre AI board. If available, how can I implement the stack on the board which is running a yocto image.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Ajay Venkatakrishnan,

There is not an Open Source implementation of the AVB Stack for the i.MX6 Sabre AI board that I know of. NXP provides an AVB stack tough NXP Professional Services (which is not an Open Source solution)

Some third parties like Harman provide their own implementation of AVB (please note this is also not Open Source) that I believe it’s compatible with the i.MX6 and certificated for Automotive applications.

If you wish a simple implementation perhaps the following AVB demo might help. I haven’t tested but it’s a very brief demonstration of AVB and you may be able to build up from there.

There are AVB Open Source initiatives like AVNU’s (link below) but there is no i.MX6 Support, you would need to adapt it and the implementation available is limited and does not provide a comprehensive stack.

I hope this information helps!