Image data is halved with MIPI-CSI

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Image data is halved with MIPI-CSI

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I made a program to receive RAW12 format data from the camera by MIPI-CSI with cortex-M4 of i.MX8Mmini.
However, this program has the following problems.
When you refer to the data set by the DMA of CSI Bridge, 1 pixel of data is obtained for every 1 pixel.
It's missing and only half the data is set.
The VGA image size of RAW12 format should be 640x480x1.5=460800, but only 230400 can be received.

I intend to set registers that are likely to be related to data alignment.
・PIXEL_BIT is 1 10-bit data for each pixel
・TWO_8BIT_SENSOR is 1 One 16-bit sensor is connected.

I'm guessing it's due to the pixel clock or byte clock.
Please tell me where to adjust the pixel clk and byte clock of i.MX8Mmini.

Also, if there are other points of concern, please give us a hint.


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After setting MIPI_CSI_ISP_CONFIGn and MIPI_CSI_ISP_RESOLUTIONn, when I set CSI_EN of MIPI_CSI_CSIS_COMMON_CTRL to ENABLE, I set the bit of UPDATE_SHADOW to 1 and solved it.

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