IMX6 Custom board- UUU tools Hung at uboot-imx.dtb file

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IMX6 Custom board- UUU tools Hung at uboot-imx.dtb file

Contributor II

Hi NXP team,

Currently we have plan of upgrading the OS from Android 6 to 9 with custom board(Sabresd quad Processor, IMX6Q).
During this process we made changes to android 9 with having existing android 6 BSP document and build is also success but flashing is getting hung at th uboot-imx.dtb file .


Board Name : customboard
Reference : sabresd quad -imx6
lunch command : 14
Zimage : out/kernel/
uboot-imx.dtb : out/uboot-imx
tool - uuu and mfgtool
android : android_p9.0.0_2.2.0-ga
Source code : android_p9.0.0_2.2.0-ga

Below are the changes we made for custom board from referernce board.

1. PMIC :
SW2 is set to 3.3V
• SW4 is set to 1.975V
• VGEN5 is set to 2.8V
• VGEN6 is set to 3.3V

"regulatorboot-on” is set for sw4

2. DDR3

DATA 4 0x020e0798 0x000C0000
DATA 4 0x020e0758 0x00000000
DATA 4 0x020e0588 0x00000030
DATA 4 0x020e0594 0x00000030
DATA 4 0x020e056c 0x00000030
DATA 4 0x020e0578 0x00000030
DATA 4 0x020e074c 0x00000030
DATA 4 0x020e057c 0x00000030
DATA 4 0x020e058c 0x00000000
DATA 4 0x020e059c 0x00000030
DATA 4 0x020e05a0 0x00000030
DATA 4 0x020e078c 0x00000030
DATA 4 0x020e0750 0x00020000

DATA 4 0x020e05a8 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e05b0 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e0524 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e051c 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e0518 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e050c 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e05b8 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e05c0 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e0774 0x00020000
DATA 4 0x020e0784 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e0788 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e0794 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e079c 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e07a0 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e07a4 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e07a8 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e0748 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e05ac 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e05b4 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e0528 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e0520 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e0514 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e0510 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e05bc 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x020e05c4 0x00000028
DATA 4 0x021b0800 0xa1390003
DATA 4 0x021b080c 0x001F001F
DATA 4 0x021b0810 0x001F001F
DATA 4 0x021b480c 0x001F001F
DATA 4 0x021b4810 0x001F001F

DATA 4 0x021b083c 0x43260335
DATA 4 0x021b0840 0x031A030B
DATA 4 0x021b483c 0x4323033B
DATA 4 0x021b4840 0x0323026F
DATA 4 0x021b0848 0x483D4545
DATA 4 0x021b4848 0x44433E48
DATA 4 0x021b0850 0x41444840
DATA 4 0x021b4850 0x4835483E
DATA 4 0x021b081c 0x33333333
DATA 4 0x021b0820 0x33333333
DATA 4 0x021b0824 0x33333333
DATA 4 0x021b0828 0x33333333
DATA 4 0x021b481c 0x33333333
DATA 4 0x021b4820 0x33333333
DATA 4 0x021b4824 0x33333333
DATA 4 0x021b4828 0x33333333
DATA 4 0x021b08b8 0x00000800
DATA 4 0x021b48b8 0x00000800
DATA 4 0x021b0004 0x00020036
DATA 4 0x021b0008 0x09444040
DATA 4 0x021b000c 0x8A8F7955
DATA 4 0x021b0010 0xFF328F64
DATA 4 0x021b0014 0x01FF00DB
DATA 4 0x021b0018 0x00001740
DATA 4 0x021b001c 0x00008000
DATA 4 0x021b002c 0x000026d2
DATA 4 0x021b0030 0x008F1023
DATA 4 0x021b0040 0x00000047
DATA 4 0x021b0000 0x841A0000
DATA 4 0x021b001c 0x04088032
DATA 4 0x021b001c 0x00008033
DATA 4 0x021b001c 0x00048031
DATA 4 0x021b001c 0x09408030
DATA 4 0x021b001c 0x04008040
DATA 4 0x021b0020 0x00005800
DATA 4 0x021b0818 0x00011117
DATA 4 0x021b4818 0x00011117
DATA 4 0x021b0004 0x00025576
DATA 4 0x021b0404 0x00011006
DATA 4 0x021b001c 0x00000000

DATA 4, 0x020c4068, 0x00C03F3F
DATA 4, 0x020c406c, 0x0030FC03
DATA 4, 0x020c4070, 0x0FFFC000
DATA 4, 0x020c4074, 0x3FF00000
DATA 4, 0x020c4078, 0xFFFFF300
DATA 4, 0x020c407c, 0x0F0000F3
DATA 4, 0x020c4080, 0x00000FFF

DATA 4, 0x020e0010, 0xF00000CF

DATA 4, 0x020e0018, 0x007F007F
DATA 4, 0x020e001c, 0x007F007F



1. Components in DTS
The following pins are configured in the DTS file:

Components in Android Linux
The following configurations are set inside imx_v7_customboard_defconfig:
Path is: <CONSOLE_ANDROID>/kernel_imx/arch/arm/configs/

Components in Android
The following is performed in the file <CONSOLE_ANDROID>/device/fsl/customboard/init.rc
chmod 0666 /sys/class/gpio/export
write /sys/class/gpio/export 4
write /sys/class/gpio/export 5
write /sys/class/gpio/export 7
write /sys/class/gpio/export 8
chmod 0666 /sys/class/gpio/gpio4
chmod 0666 /sys/class/gpio/gpio4/direction
chmod 0666 /sys/class/gpio/gpio4/value
chmod 0666 /sys/class/gpio/gpio5
chmod 0666 /sys/class/gpio/gpio5/direction
chmod 0666 /sys/class/gpio/gpio5/value
chmod 0666 /sys/class/gpio/gpio7
chmod 0666 /sys/class/gpio/gpio7/direction
chmod 0666 /sys/class/gpio/gpio7/value
chmod 0666 /sys/class/gpio/gpio8
chmod 0666 /sys/class/gpio/gpio8/direction
chmod 0666 /sys/class/gpio/gpio8/value


Is there any tool for flashing the custom board? currently, we are using the existing/customized android 6 uuu tool .

Is there way we can flash binaries to custom board other than uuu tool or mfg tool ?If so please share the details and scripts

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Lavanya


for programming options one can look at  Android P9.0.0_2.2.0   Documentation

sect.5 Programming Images, sect.7.2.1 Using ADB to update the Android platform

Android™ User's Guide.


Best regards

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Contributor II

Hi igorpadykov

I am already referring to the same document still uboot.imx is getting failed to flash .

I have added the changes in the previous question . Please have look at the same.

Let me know if required any more information from me.

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