How to imx6sx custom iomux

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How to imx6sx custom iomux

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I used all parts using the imx6sxsabred Board Kit.
Now I want to run it on my own custom board
The other part is the pin setting part.
I want to know which parts of the existing build file should be modified and how.
Please explain in detail.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @JeongHoPark,

My suggestion is to use the Pins Tool for i.MX  in order to  configure processor's electrical properties related to all its respective pin signals; this tool generates a pin initilization code and a .dts file that may serve as reference for creating your device tree an pin mux configuration.

From your previous comment, I assume that your board is already developed, so you may want to review the  I.MX Porting Guide 

Hope this helps!


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