How to enable HDMI-tx on the qmmek?

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How to enable HDMI-tx on the qmmek?

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I'm using qmmek board with im8qm processor with Android 10 2.6.0. After waking up from "low power mode" hdmi-tx (J6) doesn't work. Kernel panic occurs. I suggest the rootcause of this problem in the compatibility of SCFW and Android. According to "System Controller Firmware Porting Guide Fri Mar 11 2022 15:23:34" ietm 3.1 - SCFW is released and tested as part of other SW releases such as Linux and QNX OS releases. . I would like to test this case with Linux LF_v5.10.72-2.2.2 but in this version hdmi-tx doesn't work. What should i do to enadle hdmi-tx in the Linux version? What dtb file should i choose and how to put it in the script? I use a command: uuu Or should I rebuild image using Yocto?

Also I tried to run Android12 on the qmmek. Behavior of hdmi-tx is the same. It doesn't work.

Thank you!

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NXP Employee

Hi @Ziegfried,

I hope you are doing well. 

One can try with the "linux/arch/arm64/boot/dts/freescale/fsl-imx8qm-mek-hdmi.dts" device tree.

And also, this case might be helpful to you.


Thank you.
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