How to build and run Valgrind for imx6qdl?

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How to build and run Valgrind for imx6qdl?

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I am using imx6qdl board, the device running with AOSP6 software. I need to check whether there is any memory leak during run time.

Initially i tried with kmemleak tool which is used to detect the kernel memory leak. But i faced some problem, After booting once it's start scanning my device is getting into hang state and kernel panic is happening

I was clueless why it is getting into hang state....

My device has 2GB RAM, due to low RAM memory is it going to hang state once it started scanning..???

Now i thought of trying Valgrind tool which is available in under directory android/external/ for detecting the memory leak.

But i am stuck how to build and how to execute tool in the target device.

Please Provide the steps to build Valgrind tool for imx6qdl board and how to check it on target device.

Thanks in advance

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I'm also trying something similar on  imx sabresd_6sx board with AOSP 8. Enabled kmemleak in defconfig


But seeing this in dmesg continuously.

43.449640] [0m [33munwind [0m: Index not found c010130c
43.449654] [0m [33munwind [0m: Unknown symbol address c010130c

Is any other configuration required to run kmemleak?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Pavithra,

Do not know about valgrind but in general i.mx6 when you have memory leak could be due by the RAM is no enough or you have problems with it, so please check if your ram is valid: 


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