How can i boot the i.MX25 core board without debug board (our designed board there is no debug board)

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How can i boot the i.MX25 core board without debug board (our designed board there is no debug board)

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Dear All,

we are facing an issue while booting the board .

It stops while decompressing the Linux kernel image.

Starting kernel ...

Uncompressing Linux.............................................................

............................................................................. do

ne, booting the kernel.

I want to boot the imx25 core board from our designed board we dont have a debug board on our designed board. we have removed the unwanted peripherals used only which module we want in our design.

i.mx25 core board is working fine when i am using that with imx25 PDK board. The same core board will not be booted with the same image on our designed board.

In our design board there is no debug board directly we are placing the imx25 core board with connector on our designed board.

Please any one will help on this. How can i use and boot the imx25 core board from custom design board. is any changes needs to be done on imx25 core board when we use imx25 alone.

Note: we have not changed anything on imx25 core board(means BOM). the same board works on imx25 pdk board.

This is high priority !!!



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

The iMX25 personality board is - by default - configured for external boot mode, so

when the debug board is not connected the iMX25 tries to boot in external mode

instead of internal boot.

  To set the board in internal boot mode it is needed to have the resistors R81

and R82 in place and remove the resistors R76 and R77 (the board has R81 and R77

by default).

   In order to run Linux without the Debug Board, one has to de-select

CONFIG_SPI_MXC and CONFIG_SMSC911x flags on kernel menuconfig.

Another useful tip, is to direct the console to tty0 on kernel command line,

thus one can check boot console messages on the LCD, since without the debug

board no direct serial connection to host PC.

Also it may be needed  to add "remove_dbg" in (kernel) command line.

However, kernel was booting correctly after removing entire CSPI driver as

described above.

The following from one of customers can be helpful too.

  Removing of entire CSPI driver however is a force method and not applicable

for customers who want to use the SPI on their target.

The following seems to result in success:

cd <ltib_install_directory>/rpm/BUILD/linux/arch/arm/mach-mx25


comment out in mx25_3stack.c starting line 253

//    {

//     .modalias = "cpld_spi",

//     .max_speed_hz = 18000000,

//     .bus_num = 1,

//     .chip_select = 0,

//     .mode = SPI_MODE_2,

//     },


rename mx25_3stack_cpld.c

and create empty file called mx25_3stack_cpld.c

mv mx25_3stack_cpld.c mx25_3stack_cpld.c_orig touch mx25_3stack_cpld.c

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