Getting started with MCIMX7ULP-EVK and TFT3P5581-T

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Getting started with MCIMX7ULP-EVK and TFT3P5581-T

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Hello everyone

Normally when you buy hardware from a manufacturer you would expect a well documented description on how to get started. Unfortunately this is not the case for the MIPI display touch panel TFT3P5581-T in combination with the MCIMX7ULP-EVK. I expected that the suggested display and touch panel would work more or less out of the box, my bad I guess.

Here are some issues I encountered during my hands-on session with the hardware and the Linux 5.4.24_2.1.0​ Release:

- Non-existing documentation for TFT3P5581-T (I basically don't know anything about it, the datasheet link points to IMX7ULP datasheet)
- MCIMX7ULP-EVK needed a hardware change in order to get the MIPI interface working (this was documented in the Android OS section and I found it by pure luck)
- Hardware change: Remove resistors: R41 (0 ohm), R43-R46 (0 ohm), R51 (0 ohm) and populate the resistors: R30-R35 (0 ohm)
- Display works after hardware change and setting fdt_file to imx7ulp-evkb-mipi.dtb in u-boot
- Touch panel is not working and I guess the driver is not included in the image or the DTB is not configured properly or both (and I don't know for which driver I need to look out)
- WiFi: Qualcomm 1PJ is mounted on the MCIMX7ULP-EVK SOM and NOT Cypress 1DX as mentioned in the documentation (now I'm trying to get this running by building the image with the right configuration)

I would really appreciate if someone could provide me the necessary documentation or solution to the mentioned and unsolved problems.

Note: We ordered three evaluation kits and we are stuck in getting the standard NXP setup working.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Yes, you're correct the hardware changes are necessary.

The dtb file you'll need to select will change depending of the board version you're using:

i.MX 7ULP EVK -> imx7ulp-evk-mipi.dtb

i.MX 7ULP EVKB -> imx7ulp-evkb-mipi.dtb

Regarding WiFi chip, it is because latest BSP is ment for the i.MX7ULP EVKB. i.MX7ULP EVKB has  Murata 1DX CYW43430 Wi-Fi support instead of 1PJ QCA9377.

You could try with an older BSP (L4.14.98), if this is not an option please try contacting murata for software support if they could provide driver for this device.


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