FSL_OTP writing value instruction

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FSL_OTP writing value instruction

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There are several examples how to read and write eFUSE using fsl_otp. I'm very new to this topic.
As a beginner where can I find an appropriate document what value must be "$echo" to ">/sys/fsl_otp/...".

I have read I.MX 7 Dual applications processor reference Manual. 
Could someone guide me with list of files in /sys/fsl_otp/ and corresponding value that are appropriate to write.

Is there any blog or document. Looking forward for instruction. Thank you.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport



You can take a look to this blog:


There you'll find more about the eFuses and the methods for burn them, as for your question about the "corresponding value that are appropriate to write", the "correct" value depends of what do you need to burn the fuses for, for example the boot mode configuration permanently, for this purpose one can look at the reference manual and set the value of the fuses as needed.


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