Building Windows 10 IOT for mcimx8m-evkb

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Building Windows 10 IOT for mcimx8m-evkb

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I'm attempted to rebuild the Windows 10 IOT package is Visual Studio 2019 for the mcimx8m-evkb using the NXPEVK_iMX8M_4GB board package that is provided in the VS solution.  All of the projects appear to build without issue, but on the final step which generates the FFU (GenerateTestFFU) a lot of files appear to be missing. This is for a camera based project which will use photo compositing techniques and I would like to evaluate both Windows 10 IOT and Linux for the final solution.  Any help with the build or opinions on the right solution are welcome. imx8m-quad #windows10 iot

Log files are attached

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Matthew,

There are some driver that are non-fully tested on WinIot, this is the case of camera, you can see the hardware compatibility list on:

Hardware Compatibility List - Windows IoT | Microsoft Docs 

In any case you can´t find your cameras, you will have to do the driver.


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