Artifacts when encoding rotated JPEG in vpu

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Artifacts when encoding rotated JPEG in vpu

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I'm using the Android KitKat imx6 BSP with provided libcamera HAL with the addition to rotate the encoded JPEG image.

This is done in "YuvToJpegEncoder.cpp" by setting, "sEncOpenParamSimp.nRotAngle=rotation" for vpu_wrapper.

This works fine for all image sizes except 2592x1944, where I get artifacts on the image border, as can been in image below.


This problem only occurs when the image is rotated 180 or 270 degrees, 0 and 90 looks fine.

Have anyone else seen this problem or have any idea on what could be wrong?

Update: This can be reproduced with mxc-vpu-test using a YUV image 2592x1944.

mxc-vpu-test -E "-i /data/local/ -f 7 -r $rotate -w 2592 -h 1944 -o /data/local/image.jpeg"

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