i.MX8MP support raw format on Android

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i.MX8MP support raw format on Android

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i.MX8MP support raw format on Android

1. Description:

On the i.MX Android camera HAL, It only supports YUYV sensor, regardless of whether the sensor is connected to ISP or ISI. Some users want to customize the sensor format, such as UYVY or raw, they need a guide to do this, this document intends to describe how to implement raw camera sensor on i.MX8MP android, and output raw data.

Note: Base on  i.MX 8M plus, Android12_1.0.0.

 2. Camera HAL

Android's camera hardware abstraction layer (HAL) connects the higher level camera framework APIs in android.hardware.camera2 to your underlying camera driver and hardware. For more detail information, please refer to AOSP document:


while on I.MX camera HAL, the camera subsystem can be divided into several parts:



  • Camera framework:  frameworks\av\camera
  • Camera service:    frameworks\av\services\camera\libcameraservice\
  • Camera provider:
    1. hardware/interfaces/camera/provider/
    2. hardware/google/camera/common/hal/hidl_service/

              hidl_service dlopen the camera HAL3.

  • Camera HAL3:   vendor\nxp-opensource\imx\camera\
  • Camera driver:   vendor/nxp-opensource/kernel_imx/drivers/media/i2c

 It's callstack can be list as follow: 


There are 2 streams on pipeline, preview stream need 3 buffers and capture stream need 2 buffers:

CameraDeviceSessionHwlImpl: ConfigurePipeline, stream 0: id 0, type 0, res 2592x1944, format 0x21, usage 0x3, space 0x8c20000, rot 0, is_phy 0, phy_id 0, size 8388608
CameraDeviceSessionHwlImpl: ConfigurePipeline create capture stream
CameraDeviceSessionHwlImpl: ConfigurePipeline, stream 1: id 1, type 0, res 1024x768, format 0x22, usage 0x100, space 0x0, rot 0, is_phy 0, phy_id 0, size 0
CameraDeviceSessionHwlImpl: ConfigurePipeline create preview stream

You can use this command to dump the stream input/output:

"setprop vendor.rw.camera.test 1" to dump steam 0.

"setprop vendor.rw.camera.test 2" to dump steam 1.

Before you implement the command, you need to run “su; setenforce 0” to close the SeLinux, the data is dumped as "/data/x-src.data", "/data/x-dst.data", where "x" is the stream id as "0, "1,", "2", ...


Preview Stream

Capture Stream
















Data space



 The following usage will be added by framework to distinguish preview and video:GRALLOC_USAGE_HW_VIDEO_ENCODER

3. Raw support

 3.1 system modification

 The default image for i.MX 8M Plus EVK supports basler + basler and the cameras can work after the image is flashed and boot up, it’s camera with ISP, but we need ISI to process raw. You should refer to Android_User’s_Guide.pdf, you need find the correct version, as Android12_2.0.0 is different with Android12_1.0.0. To make cameras work with Non-default images, execute the following additional commands:

Only OV5640 (CSI1) on host:


As we use OV2775 which support 1920*1080, unpacked raw12, the json file:


3.2 DTB modification

 1. Firstly, change the BoardConfig.mk to generate dtbo-imx8mp-ov2775.img

TARGET_BOARD_DTS_CONFIG += imx8mp-ov2775:imx8mp-evk-ov2775.dtb

2.  Secondly, add imx8mp-evk-ov2775.dts to vendor\nxp-opensource\kernel_imx\arch\arm64\boot\dts\freescale

3. Change imx8mp-evk-ov2775.dts, connect OV2775 to ISI:

&isi_0 {
       status = "okay";
&isp_0 {
       status = "disabled";
&dewarp {
       status = "disabled";

4. Build dtbo image and flash it to board:

./imx-make.sh dtboimage -j4
fastboot flash dtbo dtbo.img

 3.3 Sensor driver modification

 I use the OV2775 driver from the isp side, be careful that all the function such as g_frame_interval and enum_frame_size should be implemented, or the HAL will get wrong parameters and return error.

static struct v4l2_subdev_video_ops ov2775_subdev_video_ops = {
	.g_frame_interval = ov2775_g_frame_interval,
	.s_frame_interval = ov2775_s_frame_interval,
	.s_stream = ov2775_s_stream,
static const struct v4l2_subdev_pad_ops ov2775_subdev_pad_ops = {
	.enum_mbus_code = ov2775_enum_mbus_code,
	.set_fmt = ov2775_set_fmt,
	.get_fmt = ov2775_get_fmt,
	.enum_frame_size = ov2775_enum_frame_size,
	.enum_frame_interval = ov2775_enum_frame_interval,

 3.4 ISI driver modification

 We need to add raw format on ISI driver:

	}, {
		.name		= "RAW12 (SBGGR12)",
		.fourcc		= V4L2_PIX_FMT_SBGGR12,
		.depth		= { 16 },
		.color		= MXC_ISI_OUT_FMT_RAW12,
		.memplanes	= 1,
		.colplanes	= 1,
		.mbus_code  = MEDIA_BUS_FMT_SBGGR12_1X12,
	}, {
		.name		= "RAW10 (SGRBG10)",
		.fourcc		= V4L2_PIX_FMT_SGRBG10,
		.depth		= { 16 },
		.color		= MXC_ISI_OUT_FMT_RAW10,
		.memplanes	= 1,
		.colplanes	= 1,
		.mbus_code  = MEDIA_BUS_FMT_SGRBG10_1X10,

3.5 Camera HAL modification

As there are preview stream and capture stream on the pipeline.

GPU does not support raw format, it will print error log when application set raw format: 


02-10 18:49:02.162   436   436 E NxpAllocatorHal: convertToMemDescriptor Unsupported fomat PixelFormat::RAW10
02-10 18:49:02.163  2390  2445 E GraphicBufferAllocator: Failed to allocate (1920 x 1080) layerCount 1 format 37 usage 20303: 7
02-10 18:49:02.163  2390  2445 E BufferQueueProducer: [ImageReader-1920x1080f25m2-2390-0](id:95600000002,api:4,p:2148,c:2390) dequeueBuffer: createGraphicBuffer failed
02-10 18:49:02.163  2390  2405 E BufferQueueProducer: [ImageReader-1920x1080f25m2-2390-0](id:95600000002,api:4,p:2148,c:2390) requestBuffer: slot 0 is not owned by the producer (state = FREE)
02-10 18:49:02.163  2148  2423 E Surface : dequeueBuffer: IGraphicBufferProducer::requestBuffer failed: -22
02-10 18:49:02.163  2390  2445 E BufferQueueProducer: [ImageReader-1920x1080f25m2-2390-0](id:95600000002,api:4,p:2148,c:2390) cancelBuffer: slot 0 is not owned by the producer (state = FREE)
02-10 18:49:02.164  2148  2423 E Camera3-OutputStream: getBufferLockedCommon: Stream 1: Can't dequeue next output buffer: Invalid argument (-22)


Modifying the gpu code is not recommended.

When preview stream, it's pixel format is fixed to HAL_PIXEL_FORMAT_IMPLEMENTATION_DEFINED, it needs YUYV format, in this patch, we don't convert raw12 to yuyv, just copy the buffer from input to output, so the preview stream is raw12 actually.

When capture stream, we use the Blob format, which usually used for JPEG format. when we find the format is Blob pass down by application, camera HAL will copy the buffer from input to output directly. You can check the detail on function ProcessCapturedBuffer(), 

  4. Application and Tool

4.1 Application

 The test application on the attachment “android-Camera2Basic-master_application.7z”, It's basically a common camera application, it set the capture stream format to blob: 

Size largest = Collections.max(
    new CompareSizesByArea());
mImageReader = ImageReader.newInstance(largest.getWidth(), 
    ImageFormat.JPEG, /*maxImages*/2);

4.2 Tool

We use 7yuv tool to check the raw12 format, which is captured by applicable or dump by HAL, you need set the parameter on the right side:


ImageJ tool also can be used to review raw format.

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